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Network with JT Foxx

A great event

JT, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how I appreciate your time during our training this weekend.

I have to say that during your first day’s presentation my judgement of you was that talk too fast, too much bragging, to much ego and then you slaughtered a father and son on stage calling it a hot seat.

In your next presentation I heard you get on the cround for not taking notes, hurting Phil’s feelings and in general being “bad kids”

Then in your 3rd time at the front, you began to show your heart. We all warmed up to you and I began to understand your passion for success. I saw you change your style with each person you guided, you showed your personal mentors with us. You shared what each added to your life. Now I can identify with you.

I saw your grow as a presenter and guide us adding the wisdom of your mentors.