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Im a student for life!

This was my second weekend workshop with JT Foxx in 4 months. The first workshop, I did not care for him immediately. By the end of the workshop thought, I had changed my opinion of him after realizing that he has become the success he is by practicing the very things he teaches, which cannot be said of most speakers and teachers. My initial skepticism of him caused me to miss some important points and not fully let his teachings impact my life and business. I approached this second workshop actually looking forward to learning from him and feeling fortunate enough to have the opportunity again. The things I absorbed from JT have given me an entirely different mindset than I had when I came in Friday morning. I have a picture of what I want to do, how I want to get there, the determination to get there, and I am writing the steps I will take to get there. Im kicking myself for missing my first chance to learn from this remarkable individual, however I am leaving the second time determined to make sure that his effort to help others achieve success are not wasted on me.

More kudos to JT and his staff – when they were approached with a problem, within no time at all, everyone was made aware of it and they did not just shove it under the desk. Within hours, JT implemented changes to fix the issue and improve his organization, and ultimately the success of his students. The follow throught they provided was a “wow” factor and will keep me as an eager student.

- Jenna Gallen