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JT Foxx Scam “To Protect Yourself, JT says…”

The higher the monkey climbs up the tree, the more his ass shows. One of the downfalls of being successful is that not everyone is happy for your success. I mean everyone wants you to do well but not too well because if so you are doing something they should be doing. Misery loves company.

It’s a shame that the Internet has changed everything. People go online to just trash you, make up stuff and try to ruin your reputation and capital. Did you know 70% of people actually believe what they read online when it fact most of it is based on exaggerations or mis-truths. I myself have been a victim of this but you can’t believe everything you read and most people who go online to post reviews are usually unsuccessful.

Here is my advice to protect your brand:

1. Set up your own review site. Check out www.jtfoxxreview.com and start posting the good stories about you and reviews. It is easy to set up and will help your Google-ability. Do not make up fake testimonials and keep back up of your testimonials if they were written.

2. Write a few articles in the field you are in and put your name all over them and post in your blog and various other blogs. You need to position yourself as the experts and build up your brand.

3. Sign up for Google Analytics, every time someone post something about you, you will know right away. That way you can attack the damage from the start.

4. Sign up JTfoxxscam.com, JT FoxxFraud.com, JTFoxxComplaints. Just change my name with yours.

People will always make stuff up but I have learned not to pay attention to it and continue to do what I do best which is making my students successful and growing my businesses. Often the people who point the finder at you, have 3 fingers pointing right back at them.

Remember success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice.

P.S. Continue to visit JTFoxxreview.com for the truth from my successful students and clients.

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