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The most significant impact in our business today has been JT Foxx and his coaching program, staff, and support partners. My first story of The JT Foxx experience was of a young, funny, entertaining, and energizing motivational speaker where his focus was my success and a true concern for his audience. I knew from that moment what I had not seen from any other speaker …. This one was genuine! Since that first meeting we have had the immense pleasure of being a part of the JT Foxx organization, or as he commits .. His family, his drive, his success. Through his coaching programs, We have been able to build a business from the ground up, focused our short term and long term goals, and create rapid results.

But wait! There’s More! He shared every bit of his own coaching with us to our benefit, surrounded us with market specific material, education, wealth management, and networking few only dream about. He has helped us transition from business and personal levels we h
Were developing and transformed us into a world of blessings we never dared dream. We thank JT Foxx for his support of our business, our family, and our dreams. His motto … ” I don’t want just to make 5 million dollars – I want to help 5 million people achieve their dreams.” …Believe and Dream my Friends!

- Alisa Law REenergizeHomes.com