JT Foxx reviews Celebrity Authority Marketing

JT Foxx reviews Ways to Leverage Celebrity Authority in Marketing

JT Foxx is a private equity fund manager, serial entrepreneur of many companies across all sectors, wealth coach, an investor in many companies and owns numerous properties, and has business interest in over 50 countries. As a former media personality, JT Foxx has connections with many successful business people and celebrities. After answering frequently asked questions, JT Foxx reviews the principles of making big connections and leverage celebrity authority in your marketing efforts. 

People have a natural tendency to listen to and blindly accept anything coming from someone who is is perceived to be in a position of power or authority. Authority is the biggest trigger used by JT Foxx to make his events so successful.

The principles to making big connections

Once you have one, you leverage one against another. 

JT Foxx reviews celebrity authority marketing
JT Foxx and 50 Cents

About 10 years ago, on my radio show where just 3 people were listening, I got Bruce Buffer on. But I did not get him on at first. What happened was I played the “let’s get ready to rumble Jock Jams” and then the radio manager told me I was crazy and I was gonna get sued, so I got all nervous. So what I did was, I reached out to Buffer’s attorney about trademark law. And then I asked him “is it ok if I reached out to Bruce and tell him I talked to you?” and he said, “yeah that would be great”. So then I reached out to Bruce Buffer and said “Hey I just had your lawyer on my show, he told me about how powerful your trademark is and I’d love to have you on my show to talk about marketing and branding.”

So I had Bruce on and build a relationship for 3 years. But my ultimate goal was to have Michael Buffer on, so after 3 years I asked Bruce if I could get Michael Buffer on. So then I had Michael Buffer on my radio show. And then I started thinking, how can I leverage the fact that I have a connection to Michael Buffer. So then I reached out to the movie voice, Don Lafontaine, saying I was doing a show with the greatest voices of the world, and I had Michael Buffer on, and Boom, he was in, and so on.

None of this cost me money. The power lies in relationships. 

You can learn more business tips from JT on his podcast.

Other times you have to pay. 

If no matter what you do, you can’t get an A-lister to come, you have to pay. In my contracts with celebrities, I always include 30mins of alone time with them. So there is stage time, time for pictures, and then I also want that alone time with them before we go on stage. Because in that 30 minutes is when I can connect with them, build a connection, so we have better chemistry on stage. But I mostly use that time to build a relationship with them that I can leverage. It is not just a paid gig and they go. From every celebrity who was on stage with me during my events, I have their phone numbers and kept up a relationship as well. 

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Source: JT Foxx Interview with SMB Team

JT Foxx answers frequently asked questions

We cannot be the same person tomorrow, as we are today. I have to change. For example, I’m trying to be a billionaire. Now, there’s no book on how to become a billionaire and I know the way I am right now is not good enough to be a billionaire, so I need to change. I need to do things differently. We need to change how we think. That’s why I have eight coaches who tell me to do this and do this and make this better. I try to avoid mistakes because mistakes can set you back for years. So if you make the right moves you will checkmate your opponent. 

See JT Foxx answering the following questions on video here.

How do we win at the game of business? 

JT Foxx answers frequently asked questionsThe first 91 days are the most important days of everything. They dictate what the rest of your life is going to be because if nothing happens in the first three months, if you don’t have a small victory or a big victory, then you know you don’t get anything different. So the 91 days are very, very important to take action. 

You have to know your role in the food chain. You need someone who needs you just as much as you need them. You gotta go and make yourself valuable. The more valuable you are, the more people will take action, the more they will grow. 

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What is the best thing that worked for you?

There is not one thing that works, it’s doing 25 different things. A lot of us can start doing the wrong thing. You might be focusing on this thing, but it’s not gonna work or it doesn’t make money. Here are the questions you should ask yourself: 

  • does it make money, 
  • when will it make money,  
  • how quickly can I make money, and
  • how quickly does it bring me to the next level?

First, you build that competence, which leads to confidence. Confidence leads to success, and success leads to other things. So find your confidence, because you’re not gonna be successful if you wake up in the morning and you’re not sure about yourself.

How to make money?

Sometimes someone says, JT, I don’t have a business. This is not bad, it’s actually sometimes good as opposed to saying I have this business and it’s horrible, I get a lot more of that. The question is, what problem are we solving, what solution are we finding, that’s how you become successful. Solving problems by finding creative solutions, that’s how you make money.

If I had no money, I’d get up every day the earliest possible and I’d get to bed as late as possible because the only thing you bring to the table is your time.

When you have no money it’s all about the money. They say money doesn’t bring happiness, but I don’t buy that for one bit. Money brings freedom, freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. Once you have the freedom, then you could do whatever you want. Now that I’ve made money, it excites me more to have people on stage, or helping out a charity and helping people, but you can’t help other people unless you help yourself. 

If you’re not a millionaire yet, I want you to act like one because the way you act is what you become. Don’t fake it until you make it, but act as if you made it. Because if you fake it, people will see through it. Nobody knows what you’re worth, except by you how you dress. And I’m not talking about expensive suits or anything like that but how you dress, how you act and how you interact with people. 

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Find your hero and mentor

Steve Jobs did not change my life, my coaches changed my life. But I have to say, we all need heroes and models and mentors and what I’ve learned from Steve Jobs is that being obsessive/compulsive on the small details makes a big difference. 

Shadeska Nicolina Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Shadeska Nicolina.  A student of JT Foxx for over 3 years now, started her journey in her corporate environment for 10 years, not having the confidence to make a change.   Less than 6 months after becoming a student of JT Foxx, she gained the confidence and discovered she truly was worthy and capable of achieving much more, and decided to leave her job behind and being her new destiny, on her terms.  She attributes her success to a few principles she has learned from JT Foxx in that:

1.  Never depend on one source of income

2. Build an Empire

3. Build a Great and Positive Team

4. Commit and Contribute to Growth

There is a big emphasis on point 3: Build a Great and Positive Team

You are only as good as the team around you.

JT’s philosophy: Slow to Hire, Quick to Fire.

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Sarah Archer Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Sarah Archer.  A student of JT Foxx for 2 years now, Sarah started off in a corporate job with a dream.  JT Foxx showed her that dreams don’t come true, but visions do.  He showed her the vision that was waiting just on the other side of coaching and action.  Since meeting JT Foxx, Sarah has written 2 books, had a play published, has left her corporate job, and is fulfilling her vision of helping her clients achieve realize theirs.  She attributes her success to what JT Foxx taught her in that:

Coaching + Action = Results

Coach creates focus, but ACTION creates Results.

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Francois Joubert Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Francois Joubert.  A student of JT Foxx for 4 years now, started off in a cozy corporate job knowing nothing about branding and marketing.  Today, Francois is a serial entrepreneur, involved in multiple businesses, has been featured on CNBC Africa, and now has a regular presence in the media.  Francois attributes his success to what he has learned from JT Foxx in that:

Branding gives you credibility, credibility gives you power, power gives you influence, and influence gives you access.

The more branded you are, the more success you will experience.

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If JT Foxx can do it, then I can do it and if I can do it so can YOU!!

Hazel Herrington Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Hazel Herrington.  A student of JT Foxx for 6 months now, Hazel started off stuck in her business.  She had been focused on the transactional and didn’t know how to take her impact and goals to the next level.  She lacked knowledge and confidence….or so she thought.  JT Foxx helped Hazel discover  and find the true power behind her WHY. She has implemented the principles she’s learned from JT Foxx and has a bold new aura.  Hazel attributes her transformation to what she’s learned from JT Foxx’s most coveted philosophy:

“Powered by Your Success”

You succeed when those you help succeed.

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Marisa Da Silva Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Marisa Da Silva.  A student of JT Foxx for over 3 years now, started off with great fear and uncertainty of her ability to grow the family business.  She is now an award winning, serial entrepreneur who has played a major role in tripling the family business.  She attributes her success to what she’s learned from JT Foxx in that:

When you believe in your program or product with all of your being and do what it takes, it shows the aura of authenticity.  If you don’t believe in this, no one else will.

JT displayed this to Marisa and her family when her fear started to set in, and he showed the personal interest in their growth.

If you don’t believe in your program/product/service, don’t expect anyone else to.

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Charlie Monson Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Charlie Monson.  A student of JT Foxx for nearly 4 years now, started with the Charlie hitting reset button in his business ventures.  The day he met JT Foxx, Charlie experienced a complete transformation in mindset that gave him a new perspective on business, partnerships, and relationships.  Charlie has been able to apply the Relationship Building principles learned from JT Foxx to become one of the top networkers and connectors out there.  He attributes his success to what he’s learned from JT that:

1.  Brand Yourself

2. Add Value

When networking, it is always more important to be INTERESTED than it is to be interesting.

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Mark Osborne Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Mark Osborne.  A student of JT Foxx for 1 year now, Mark was facing a tipping point in his life.  He had just gotten out of a long term relationship and his business was just not doing as well as he thought it could.  He was even considering not attending the event in which he would meet JT Foxx.  Not only was he overcoming personal challenges, he was in search of the missing link for the growth of his business.  Enter JT Foxx.  Within 3 months of meeting JT Foxx and applying the principles he learned, Mark was able to double his profit and WORK LESS.  He attributes his success to what he learned from JT in that of:

Do what you’re great at, and delegate the rest.

By doing this, Mark has been able to create new opportunities.  What really opened Mark’s eyes was the nature to which JT arrived to the event.  JT had just gotten off of an 18 hour flight, to speak for 3 hours, to then turn around and fly out.  Something that JT said still sticks with Mark and helps drive him:

“If I don’t get on the plane, I will never know what events might unfold, people I might meet and what relationships could eventuate.  But if I don’t  jump on the plane and fly half way across the world, Nothing Happens”.

One person, one deal, one opportunity, can change your life forever.

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Susanne Rey Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Susanne Rey.  A student of JT Foxx’s for 10 months now, started stuck in the comfort zone of a high paying job,  seeking to make a significant change, but lacking the courage and mindset to do so.  Within only 3 months of meeting JT Foxx, she went for it and started her business.  Susanne has said that she has learned more from JT Foxx in a span of 8 months, than she did throughout all of her academic studies.  Susanne being from Germany, admits that she, like many others, tend to overthink.  She attributes her success and getting rid of her fears to the JT Foxx Risk Management philosophy which comprised of (3) main questions:

  1. What is the best thing that can happen?
  2. What is the worst thing that can happen?
  3. What is most likely to happen?

If you cannot live with the worst thing that can happen, then you should not take the risk.

You do not have to change who you are, just change the way you think.

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