JT Foxx reviews Celebrity Authority Marketing

JT Foxx reviews Ways to Leverage Celebrity Authority in Marketing

JT Foxx is a private equity fund manager, serial entrepreneur of many companies across all sectors, wealth coach, an investor in many companies and owns numerous properties, and has business interest in over 50 countries. As a former media personality, JT Foxx has connections with many successful business people and celebrities. After answering frequently asked questions, JT Foxx reviews the principles of making big connections and leverage celebrity authority in your marketing efforts. 

People have a natural tendency to listen to and blindly accept anything coming from someone who is is perceived to be in a position of power or authority. Authority is the biggest trigger used by JT Foxx to make his events so successful.

The principles to making big connections

Once you have one, you leverage one against another. 

JT Foxx reviews celebrity authority marketing
JT Foxx and 50 Cents

About 10 years ago, on my radio show where just 3 people were listening, I got Bruce Buffer on. But I did not get him on at first. What happened was I played the “let’s get ready to rumble Jock Jams” and then the radio manager told me I was crazy and I was gonna get sued, so I got all nervous. So what I did was, I reached out to Buffer’s attorney about trademark law. And then I asked him “is it ok if I reached out to Bruce and tell him I talked to you?” and he said, “yeah that would be great”. So then I reached out to Bruce Buffer and said “Hey I just had your lawyer on my show, he told me about how powerful your trademark is and I’d love to have you on my show to talk about marketing and branding.”

So I had Bruce on and build a relationship for 3 years. But my ultimate goal was to have Michael Buffer on, so after 3 years I asked Bruce if I could get Michael Buffer on. So then I had Michael Buffer on my radio show. And then I started thinking, how can I leverage the fact that I have a connection to Michael Buffer. So then I reached out to the movie voice, Don Lafontaine, saying I was doing a show with the greatest voices of the world, and I had Michael Buffer on, and Boom, he was in, and so on.

None of this cost me money. The power lies in relationships. 

You can learn more business tips from JT on his podcast.

Other times you have to pay. 

If no matter what you do, you can’t get an A-lister to come, you have to pay. In my contracts with celebrities, I always include 30mins of alone time with them. So there is stage time, time for pictures, and then I also want that alone time with them before we go on stage. Because in that 30 minutes is when I can connect with them, build a connection, so we have better chemistry on stage. But I mostly use that time to build a relationship with them that I can leverage. It is not just a paid gig and they go. From every celebrity who was on stage with me during my events, I have their phone numbers and kept up a relationship as well. 

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Source: JT Foxx Interview with SMB Team