Stephen and Julia Hollings Review JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Stephen and Julia Hollings.  Students of JT Foxx for just over 1 year and 5 months now, started off uncertain on how to take their business to the next level, and leave the “day job”.   All the while, their daughter has been battling an illness and is over 400 miles from where they live.  When others may have stopped, the Hollings Family has perservered.  With JT Foxx’s support and JT’s organization behind them, they’ve launched 3 new businesses, given up the day job, and will experience a healthy profit.  They attribute their success to what they’ve learned from JT that:

  1. Don’t just do your best, do whatever it takes
  2. Follow Up and Follow Through
  3. Remain authentic and relevant

Stephen and Julia also have used JT Foxx’s “Millionaire Underdog” book as a confidence booster as well as the JT Foxx Wealth Workout to stay sharp and motivated.

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