Hazel Herrington Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Hazel Herrington.  A student of JT Foxx for 6 months now, Hazel started off stuck in her business.  She had been focused on the transactional and didn’t know how to take her impact and goals to the next level.  She lacked knowledge and confidence….or so she thought.  JT Foxx helped Hazel discover  and find the true power behind her WHY. She has implemented the principles she’s learned from JT Foxx and has a bold new aura.  Hazel attributes her transformation to what she’s learned from JT Foxx’s most coveted philosophy:

“Powered by Your Success”

You succeed when those you help succeed.

To visit Hazel’s blog, click the link:

How JT Foxx Completely Transformed my Life and Business – Hazel Herrington



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