Mark Osborne Reviews JT Foxx

The following blog was written by Mark Osborne.  A student of JT Foxx for 1 year now, Mark was facing a tipping point in his life.  He had just gotten out of a long term relationship and his business was just not doing as well as he thought it could.  He was even considering not attending the event in which he would meet JT Foxx.  Not only was he overcoming personal challenges, he was in search of the missing link for the growth of his business.  Enter JT Foxx.  Within 3 months of meeting JT Foxx and applying the principles he learned, Mark was able to double his profit and WORK LESS.  He attributes his success to what he learned from JT in that of:

Do what you’re great at, and delegate the rest.

By doing this, Mark has been able to create new opportunities.  What really opened Mark’s eyes was the nature to which JT arrived to the event.  JT had just gotten off of an 18 hour flight, to speak for 3 hours, to then turn around and fly out.  Something that JT said still sticks with Mark and helps drive him:

“If I don’t get on the plane, I will never know what events might unfold, people I might meet and what relationships could eventuate.  But if I don’t  jump on the plane and fly half way across the world, Nothing Happens”.

One person, one deal, one opportunity, can change your life forever.

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